Saturday, 29 October 2011


So I've met some really nice people down here at Portsmouth University.

A good friend here regularly hosts house parties as he is in private accommodation; this usually results in lots of people, lots of drink, and pleeeenty of drunken antics.

But, there is always the spoil sports. Why do people feel the need to steal at house parties?
Cigarettes, alcohol and aftershave were taken - really do not understand how people can be so mean like that.


  1. Great post man.

  2. Leave it to thieves to ruin the fun stuff.

  3. That's so bad ruin people's fun when they were being generous to let people round!

  4. Some people just find the need to try and profit from going to parties.

  5. I don't know, seems so disrespectful, I mean here this kid is letting people into his home to have a good time, and for some of the welcomed guests it means nothing...smh.